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  Food test report from Department of Health Kaoshsiung City Government/Product Liability Insurance  
  PET bottleand PE bottle cap test report  
  Water test report (The Food Industry Research and Development Institute, FIRDI)  
  Honeydew (religious festival water)  
  Water Deed  
  Natural Enzyme Water (Méi)  
  Bamboo charcoal Water 280 cc  
  Bamboo charcoal Water small (Bottle weight 12.5g)  
  Bamboo charcoal Water small (Bottle weight 18g)  
  Pure Water  
  Peace and Fortune Water / Zhao Cai Jìn Bao (ushering in wealth and prosperity)  
  Hot Spring Water 600cc (alkaline water)  
  Natural Enzyme Water/Eliminating pets' urine smell  
  Pineapple-Litchi Water 350cc  
  High Oxygen Water 600cc  
  [ISO] The related activities of the production of: bottled water  
  Food GMP certification  
  Guang Ying purified water 350 cc / 24 bottles  
  Large bottled water 1500 cc/ 12 bottles  
  Medium bottled water 600 cc/ 24 bottles  
  Guang Ying purified water(regular) 350 cc/ 24 bottles  
  Guang Ying purified water (regular) 600 cc/ 24 bottles  
  Guang Ying Natural water 280 cc / 24 bottles  
  Barreled water (with the faucet)  
  Bottled water customized bottle label Logo
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AddressĄGNo.52, Ln. 3, Wacuo St., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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JEWELRY Company Limited (Kao Zhen Enterprise) Is a professional brand of packaging water company, organizational structure include: water plant and all kinds of plastic water bottles mnufacturing with OEM production line, also including professional custom OEM bottled water 280 cc,  350cc and 600 cc bottle stickers and logo/labels OEM production, leading the bottled water  business. For custom stickers and labels minimum order quantity is 20 cases .A complete production chain and existing marketing channel.


All bottled water products come from underground mineral water, with excellent quality and taste , plus JEWELRY Company(Kao Zhen) strict quality control, production process is in accordance with the specifications of Taiwan national food GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) plant levels and above to perform quality control, products conform to the "CNS12852 national standards of food hygiene law", and food safety management system is certified by international (AFNOR ASIA) and the relevant laws for "packaging drinking water standards"  to ensure provide consumers the new choice and the best drinking water.


JEWELRY Company Limited

AddressĄGNo.52, Ln. 3, Wacuo St., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan (R.O.C.)   
TelĄG+886-985986291,,  Skype:jewater  

Business philosophy

"Good to drink water, drink as water fluent can be", has always been JEWELRY Company chairman and founder Ms.Lin Gaoli business mission, also because this enthusiasm and motivation, from the initial sale down-to-earth one step a footprint to numerous Taiwan distributor sales stronghold, entrepreneurial undertake plowed, even experienced the unpleasant domestically crisis, along the way, Ms. Lin  make vigorous efforts to turn the tide and deeply appreciate that JEWELRY Company should make a good water for general public, quench your thirst, drink feel please, good for your health and unforgetable, will let you live healthier make a lot of money. This is why JEWELRY Company insists on manufacturing premium drinking water products and marketing the best quality packaging, the future more grasps Customer requirements "Customer oriented", "Faith brand sincere credit" and three "Improvenment continuous upgrade improvement" business philosophy, constantly improve the production quality, improve the efficiency and development to meet the market niche products, quickly to meet consumer demand.

Business philosophy:    Customer       Faith      Improvement  

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Tel:+886-985986291 E-mail:   skype:jewater
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